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Stanley CH15 Underwater Chipping Hammer

Stanley CH15 Underwater Chipping Hammer

Ref: CH15 33101

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Stanley CH15 Underwater Chipping Hammer for commercial divers working on light concrete and rock breaking/chipping jobs.

The CH15 comes complete with a set of hose whips and flat face quick connect couplers. This model takes 0.580 inch hex oval collar steels and has a spring clip tool retainer.

The body of the Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Chipping Hammer CH15 is shock and heat insulated. The ergonomic design of the handle and grip provide increased control and diver comfort, resulting in increased commercial diver productivity.

The Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Chipping Hammer CH15 has a floating trigger design requires minimal pressure across any part of its surface to engage the underwater tool. The trigger is protected within the handle to prevent accidental operation of the underwater tool.

The Stanley CH15 Underwater Chipping Hammer can be powered by the Stanley Hydraulic Portable Power Unit GT18 or any hydraulic power supply capable of delivering 7-9 gpm (15-23 or 26-34 lpm) at 1000- 2000 psi (69-140 bar).

Stanley CH15 Chisels and Moil Points

Please click on the PDF file below to see the range of chisels and points suitable for the CH15

CH15-CH18 Accessories 10-2016.pdf

Stanley CH15 UW Chipping Hammer

For the CH15 Data Sheets and Manuals Please Click on the PDF files below.

Stanley CH15 Data Sheet Underwater Model.pdf

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