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Stanley BR45 Underwater Breaker

Stanley BR45 Underwater Breaker

Ref: BR45 -35001

The Stanley BR45 Underwater Breaker for light to medium duty breaking of concrete, rock, coral and is also for light rod driving and tamping. The BR45 is a T handle design with a large trigger for precise control plus it features a diaphragm accumulator which provides additional blow force.

The BR45 350 Underwater Breaker is capable of handling considerable back pressure (250psi). This feature is particularly useful as long hose lengths ,which are typical in marine enviroments, can often lead to increased back pressure.

Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Breaker BR45's feathering On/Off Valve allows the commercial diver to control the output energy of the tool through the full range from 0 to 1,800 blows per minute, making startup and initial tool placement easy.

EC Hopkins offer wide range of underwater tools, the BR45, BR67 and BR87 breaker models come from the Stanley range of hydraulic underwater tools.

EC Hopkins offer a wide range of chisel and other consumables for the BR45 Breaker suitable for a wide range of tasks.

Please click on the PDF files below to see the range of accessories.

BR45 Accessories 10-2016.pdf

Stanley BR45 Underwater Breaker

For the BR45 Data Sheets and Manuals Please Click on the PDF files below.

Stanley BR45 Data Sheet Underwater Model.pdf

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